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The Art of Kenpo

Kenpo is one of the most consistently expanding martial arts in the world and is known for its explosive speed and power. Based on the practical application principles that are integrated into basics, forms, sets and self-defense techniques, Kenpo, simply stated, is designed to work.


Additionally, Kenpo is an open-minded system that's designed to improve over time.  What we may have encountered on the streets in the past is not necessarily what we'll encounter today.  A realistic martial art, that will endure the test of time, must be a martial art that will evolve as the threats we may encounter on the streets evolves.

While some schools are structured around the rules of tournament competition, Kenpo is structured around practical self-defense. Most tournaments may not allow leg kicks or kicks to the groin, but these are two very common and practical attacks on the street. 


I've also seen schools that wear so much safety gear they can fall flat on their face and bounce right back up. I'm all for safety, but there should be a balance between safety and reality.  


I believe going to karate class should be fun and safe but at the same time, it should prepare you for an actual street confrontation, should you encounter one.


Kenpo is an art, but it's a Martial Art.

In order to achieve power, the Kenpo stylist starts by relaxing the muscles. The arms and legs move much faster when they're relaxed than when they're tense. Then, just prior to contact, the muscles exert their entire force. As a result, a student properly trained in Kenpo is capable of creating tremendous power.


Of course if you're beat to the punch, all is lost.  In order to achieve the greatest speed possible, the Kenpo stylist conserves motion/time. This is done eliminating unnecessary cocking or winding up motion. Also, at the advanced stage, the word "and" is eliminated. Instead of blocking "and" striking, the defense and offense occur simultaneously. In other words, we strike "with" our block.​

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