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Ohana Membership

The Ohana Kenpo Karate Association offers two types of memberships. Although the price of the memberships is the same, they are vastly different in design.​


The first membership is a "Charter Membership". This membership is generally for schools who, with their students, would like to study the art of Kenpo under our direction, follow our guidelines and attain rank within the association. These members are expected to wear our patch, follow our guidelines and test according to our requirements.​


The second membership is a "Supporting Membership". This membership is for individuals who appreciate what the association stands for and would like to support our efforts but are not interested in studying the art of Kenpo under our direction or testing for rank within the association.

The initial membership fee is $43.00, which includes shipping.  With your membership, you'll receive a Certificate of Membership, a 6-inch Association Crest Patch, 4-inch OKKA Rocker Patch, and the 3-inch Ed Parker Memory Patch.


Annual Dues are $24.00.  We don't send out renewal notices, or bills to the members.  It's been our experience that if a member would like to drop out of the association, the last thing they want is to receive continual requests for money.  We feel if a member wants to stay current, they'll make an effort to do so.


It is important to understand that membership does not include rank of any kind.  Your certificate is for membership only. Rank may be earned within the association, but it's not given automatically - regardless of current rank or training.

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