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Action Karate Magazine

Ed Parker's desire to build up American Karate as an entity in itself has been one of his main goals.  While the art originated in the Orient, America is a different environment, demanding different approaches and standards.  Through his first twenty years, two major projects - one success and the other failure - were devoted to that end.  Today, the world-famous Long Beach Internationals and snuffed hopes that created Action Karate Magazine still invoke strong reactions from the man behind both.


Concerning Action Karate, Parker believes that the five-issue life of what he hoped to establish as the voice of American Karate wasn't a total failure.  "At the time (1968-69), the leading magazine wouldn't even mention me," Parker recalls, "but when Action Karate came out, it forced them to come out with a second magazine, more liberal than the first, to fight us.  So although we folded, I think we accomplished in part what we set out to do, since now there was a newer, more liberal magazine on the market."


Ed Parker: The First Twenty Years  /  Inside Kung-Fu  /  May 1974

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